College TV is a contemporary, light-hearted, host-led look at what students could expect if they were to choose to attend one of Saskatchewan’s seven Regional Colleges. Each episode showcases what each college has to offer students in terms of programs; campus/facilities; scholarships; extra-curricular activities; and student life.

College TV visited all seven of Saskatchewan’s Regional Colleges to look at how each college works to provide the education requirements and certifications particular to the industries and needs in each area they have campuses. Showcasing what students can expect at each location in terms of how the campuses look both inside and out each episode segment also features an in-depth look into a specific program offered at each college.

More than just a profile viewers have the opportunity to follow our hosts as they roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in what it is like to be a student within the featured course.

College TV was produced in co-operation with Rogers City Saskatchewan.