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Dr. Emily Bamforth From The Royal Saskatchewan Museum Leads the Fossil Fever Expedition

For the past several years visitors to the East Block of Grasslands National Park have had the opportunity to see some of the best scenery the park has to offer. As part of Fossil Fever, people can experience the thrill of discovery on a palaeontological dig. In partnership with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum the East Block of Grasslands National Park holds this 5 day event. It’s main goals are as an outreach program to give the public a better understanding of the science of paleontology and to highlight the park’s significance in Fossil history.

Did you know the Badlands were the site of one of the first discoveries of dinosaur fossils in Canada?

George Mercer Dawson

Canadian geologist and surveyor, George Mercer Dawson while on a mapping expedition of the 49th parallel unexpectedly discovered the first dinosaur bone in Canada. Deep into what is now the East Block of Grasslands National Park the discovery was made back in 1874. Over the years there have been countless discoveries in the area and is one of the main reasons the Royal Saskatchewan Museum maintains an active dig site in the park.

We would like to thank all the participants as well as Park and Museum staff for their cooperation. A special thanks goes to our Executive Producer Lawrence Reimer and his financial contribution in the making of this film.

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