About Us

We are all about telling stories, whether it’s for broadcast TV, corporate websites or even for personal mementos capturing the essence of the story is what we strive to achieve in everything we do.  Over the years we have been fortunate to tell thousands of stories through our Southwest TV News local media brand with over 1,500 episodes produced.  We’ve also provided news content for CTV, Global, and CBC.

As well, we continue to produce stand-alone regional documentaries for our broadcast partner SaskTel Max.

On the corporate side, we blend your company’s needs with our own unique brand of combined imagination, creativity, and curiosity and pour it directly into your business to let your clients get a taste of what your product, your brand and you, are all about.

Managing Partner – George Tsougrianis

Involved in broadcasting since 1989, George has held managing positions in both small and mid market television stations. In addition, he’s produced and directed hundreds of hours of television programs for various broadcasters and production companies including Shaw TV, and Mind’s Eye pictures. George is actively involved in all creative aspects of Overtime as well overseeing the business operations of the company.

Managing Partner – Carol Andrews

With a background in both television and radio, Carol has held several positions in the 25 + years of her involvement in the industry. Beginning with a degree in radio and television broadcasting she has enjoyed success in small and mid market stations as Radio and TV personalities. In addition, she has conducted promotional and sales campaigns for both radio and television. As one of the principals in Overtime Communications she has provided stability and leadership to our Southwest TV News team. Comfortable in front of and behind the camera she regularly shoots, writes, edits and hosts several of the stories seen weekly on Southwest TV News.

Want To Be Part Of The Team ?

We’re always on the lookout for passionate people who love the business of telling a good story.

What’s your story?

Send your CV to overtime@sasktel.net.