During this difficult time, we find ourselves being grateful for any number of things; friends, family, our healthcare workers, our first responders and all those people that help us in our daily life.

But when was the last time you were thankful for the sky?

Its brilliant blue can soften even the hardest of hearts amid the unobstructed views that we enjoy here in Saskatchewan.  One such place where the view is truly breathtaking is the La Reata guest ranch.

In the fall of 2019, our crew had the pleasure of visiting the La Reata which is approximately 1 hour north of Swift Current ( not far from Kyle, Sk.). The owner,  George Gaber has done an excellent job of marketing his ranch experience to people all across the world.  While we were there several people from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and the Netherlands were visiting.  It was so interesting talking to these visitors and listening to their appreciation and sheer love for this land and the wide-open spaces. Of course it didn’t hurt that the ranch features some truly breath taking scenery.

At times,  it was like talking to high school kids, they were so giddy and wired.  Of all the things guests loved about George’s ranch,  by far,  number one was the night time sky.  Guests just couldn’t get enough of the dark sky and the millions of stars that blanketed the night.

So the next time you find yourself outside under the night time sky take a 10-second break and lookup. You might be surprised at what you’ll see.

We hope you enjoy the story of the La Reata guest ranch.

To find out more about the La Reata Ranch click here